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Guideline of Poster preparationراهنمای ارائه مقالات پوستر


Poster preparation (36x48 inch, Horizontal)

A poster is a short statement about your research or project designed to give the reader a complete/concise understanding of your research procedure and achievements. It gives a thorough overview of your paper or project. Actually, poster is a compact form of your full-paper, containing a title, abstract, keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References, Figures and Tables, if any.

All the posters should be prepared according to PTERM’s poster preparation template (Hyperlink template here).


In the poster template, you can click in each text box to insert your text. Type it in or copy and paste from your Word document or other sources. The text boxes will automatically re-size to your text. Guideline of each section is described in its related text box. The number of figures and tables should not exceed 2 and 1, respectively. 


The authors are allowed to change color of the template, but should not alter the format of text box, font size and poster size. Authors can include the logo of their institution/company in a defined box placed in upper-right corner of the poster.


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